Getting There and Around


Several international Airlines (TAP, Ryanair, Easyjet, Norwegian etc.) offer direct flights from the US and Europe to Ponta Delgada (San Miguel). From there, the Azorean local Airline Sata ( has several daily flights to Flores. Flying with Sata or Tap Portugal from Lisbon, other Azorean Islands from the Central Island Group (Horta/Fajal, Terceira) can be used as hub to transfer with Sata to Santa Cruz das Flores Airport (FLW). The monthly timetable of connections with transfer and non-stop flights can be viewed under


In summer, ships serve the island and connect Flores with its sister island Corvo as well as the islands called the central group, meaning Horta, Terceira and Pico. For more information, also for travelers wanting to organize a larger trip to the Azores from Germany check:

Rental Cars

A number of rental car stations are available at the airport:

  •  Autatlantis:

  • Ilha Verde:

  •  Europe Car:

  •  Sixt:


For driving take the island ring road to Lajes das Flores. Coming from Santa Cruz das Flores about 1km behind the round-about in the center of Lajes das Flores, you reach a large sign of the Restaurant Casa do Rei which is also the entrance to the parking of Casas das Flores. Driving from the west, right before coming into Lajes das Flores you will see the sign to the Casa do Rei.


An English and French speaking taxi driver is César Augusto Fonseca. A drive from the Airport to the Casas das Flores costs about 20 Eur. Senhor Fonseca knows the Casas das Flores very well and gets you there in about 20 minutes. You can reach him on +351 962409193.


UTC ( is the public Bus Company serving the Island. The current timetable can be viewed on:
A ticket from the airport at Santa Cruz das Flores to the closest bus stop of the Casas das Flores costs € 2.23 per person (adult/ single journey). From the airport take Linha 2 and get off after approx. 30 minutes at the final stop at Lajes das Flores. From there start walking uphill towards the main road – the island ring road – and continue on that road for about 5 minutes. You will see the sign to the Casa do Rei up the street to your left. The Casas das Flores share the drive with the Restaurant.

Getting there and AROUND

…is the right description for Flores Island, as one of its best built roads is the ring road around the island. A drive will take you about 4h, however also don’t miss the lakes and very differing landscapes in the inner part of the island. See information under „Activitities“.

What to Take

Flores is a subtropical island and when packing you should consider the climate as the weather on the Azores is changeable! Florentines say, if you do not like the weather, wait for 30 minutes. The island enjoys a mild temperate climate throughout the year and benefits from the Gulf Stream; a current of warm water that heads north east from the Gulf of Mexico. The average air temperature varies between 11 and 26°C depending on the time of year and the surrounding ocean averages between 15 and 25°C. Being so far out in the Atlantic, the Azores are prone to rainy days at any time of year, and without these showers of course, you could not enjoy the beautiful flora on the islands that particularly gave Flores its name – Flowers.

Tourist Information

There is a Tourist information right at the airport and also close to the church in the center of town in Santa Cruz das Flores providing you with maps and additional information on the island.

Posto de Turismo das Flores, Rua Dr. Armas da Silveira 1, Santa Cruz, +351 295 592 369


There are several local supermarkets in the center of Lajes in about 10 minutes walking distance. Fresh food but also local wines can be purchased upon availability from the Casa do Rei next by the Casas das Flores.

! The main island harbour in Lajes das Flores was severely damaged in the last winter and currently boats, that usually provide the islands, can only bring a limited amount of goods. As rebuilding the harbour will probably take until winter 2023/2024, please note that if you have any very specific dietary or medical needs these specific goods might not be available on the island in that time.

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